What is a Gender Reveal Thing?

What is a Gender Reveal Thing?
Everyone's seen videos of them going viral all over the internet. A glowing mother popping a balloon that rains colored confetti. We've all seen them, but none of us really know how gender reveal parties came to be a thing. Much less how they started to become viral sensations all on their own, or even how to go about throwing your own that not only is unique but stands apart from every other gender reveal party out there.

What is a Gender Reveal Party?
A gender reveal party, similar to a baby shower, yet different from it is typically held after the first trimester when chances of a miscarriage are low. The party is typically a celebration between family, friends, and associates in which everyone finds out if the baby is a boy or girl. A baby shower, also general usage of pink or blue theme somewhere within the party decorations or party planning process itself, however, baby showers are typically a party meant to celebrate the impending arrival of the baby as well as giving the new parent gifts and practical items that are meant to be used for the baby.

However, a baby shower is typically regulated to only women attending in direct contrast with the gender reveal that is open to both men and women. The party will typically have some sort of a cake or decoration that when cut or destroyed will reveal either a pink or blue stripe or coloration that denotes whether the baby is a boy or girl.

The History Behind It
Gender reveal parties have no recorded history as to when they actually began. They could have been an offshoot of baby showers, but the trend and virility of them began on YouTube in the early 2010s, when more and more couples began to upload online the unique ways they revealed the sex of their baby in a video format. This, in turn, inspired a wave of similar videos in nature to be uploaded on social media sites that continues to grow in nature. Probably due to its nature to not only be a fun event but also having activities that the guests can compete it in order to reveal the baby's sex a.k.a baby's gender.

With an understanding behind the history of this unique trend, as well as what it is, you must be teeming with glee to hold your own event yet with no idea of how to throw one or even how to make your unique. Below are some ideas for gender reveal parties and trends that will help you get started on creating your own.

10 of the Most Unique Gender Reveal Ideas -
So you're in the process of planning your own party, but don't know where to start? Don't worry, we have you covered with the top 10 gender reveal ideas for 2019.

Balloon Pop
The most classic of gender reveal 2019 ideas, this idea has been around since these types of parties started to take off. Not only is it the simplest idea, but it's the cheapest. Only needing a single balloon and a bunch of confetti, fill the balloon with the blue confetti if you're having a boy and pink if it's a girl. Pop the balloon in front of your guests for a memorable surprise.

Gender Reveal Nails
This idea may sound unusual, but it definitely is the most interesting. Shaped or pointed? Blue or pink? A fierce, yet beautiful manicure will surely fill your guests with joy when you reveal what you're having. Want to go wild? Get a manicure that allows you to safely set the decorations of your nail on fire, billowing out colored smoke that reveals to your guests your baby's sex.

Art on the Wall
Get creative. It's time to dust off your paintbrushes, pastels, and even that random spray paint or two that you have tossed into storage and let your creative cover an entire wall or canvas. Maybe paint a hatching chick to commemorate your unborn baby, with a blue or pink background with the sex you're having.

3 Pointer
It's time to work on your basketball skills, let the basketball fly into the hoop causing colored confetti of your baby's sex to come raining down on your guests.

Another unique gender reveal 2019 idea, this involves setting off a rocket containing colored smoke. You get the idea.

Let Your Inner Nerd Free
Make your party themed to whatever interests you had growing up. A pokemon ball full of colored smoke? Or even a Harry Potter themed sorting hat that rains down confetti? Get creative and embrace your geekiness.

Order a piñata and fill it with either colored candy, confetti, or anything you can think of to celebrate whether you're having a boy or a girl.

Paint Gun Fun
Get all of your guests involved with a good old fashioned game of paintball. Fill the guns with the colored pellets of the sex of your baby and go to town painting your guests in a fun evening.

A Little Bit of Powder
Want to have a little bit of fun with any young guests in attendance? Fill their hands with powder and let it fly in either a cloud of blue or pink.

The Grand Entrance
Want to make your party unforgettable? Or make yourself the center of attention? Come in simply wearing a tee with the sex of your baby on it. Or even walk out under an umbrella full of smoke.

Now that you have an understanding behind the history of gender reveal parties, as well as what they are and some ideas of how to throw your own, it's best to start planning. Decide if you want to have something simple or something grand that's serves as the memory of a lifetime and an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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