Gender Reveal Party Game Ideas 2019!

Gender Reveal Party Games
Finding out if your baby is going to be a boy or girl is one of the most exciting firsts for parents. If you happen to be getting close to the time when your doctors clue you in, you might be on the hunt for some fun and memorable ways to reveal your little bean's gender. Planning a gender reveal party can be challenging though. Everyone has seen the same two or three trends year after year, so we've put together a list of fresh ideas so you can have the best gender reveal 2019. Check out this list of the Top 10 Gender Reveal Ideas for 2019.

An Oprah-Style Reveal

Let's be honest: everyone wants to be as iconic as Oprah. If you love the idea of surprising guests with the gift of your good news, try hiding blue or pink cards, or even little treats underneath the chairs your guests will use. When it is time to reveal the baby's gender, you can start your non-alcoholic toast. Tell guests to look under their seats. The best part about this is that you will get a great view of everyone's reactions. Extra points if you can have someone at the front with you, snapping photos or taking video to commemorate the occasion.

Balloon Darts

If you tend toward the competitive side, a Gender Reveal Games might suit you and your crowd a little better. One great way to keep guests entertained is to set up a balloon darts game. To set it up, get two large foam core poster boards, and decorate to match your theme making one board for "Team Boy" and the other "Team Girl." Then, attach a grid of alternating pink and blue balloons to each board. When guests arrive, have them split into teams. Each team member gets 10 seconds to pop balloons of the opposite gender (so Team Girl would try to pop all the blue balloons, leaving only pink ones.) The team with the most balloons popped wins a prize, and so does the team who guessed the gender correctly. You can also award funnier prizes like, "Best Style and Form" or "At Least You Didn't Hit Anyone."

Mystery Drinks

Did you know that most people have a hard time distinguishing flavors if they can't see the color of what they are eating or drinking? This makes for a fun guessing game as guests try to tell whether their drink is a pink (cherry, strawberry, raspberry, take your pick) or blue (probably blue raspberry.) To make it work, you can find some bottles or sippy cups online that have no see-through parts, or simply wrap them in cute paper so guests can't see inside. When you are ready, ask them to open up their cups for the big answer. One great thing about this game is that when the party is over, you can wash and disinfect the bottles or sippy cups and use them when your little one arrives.

The Voting Board

If you want something less competitive, but still a lot of fun there are plenty of other Gender Reveal Games to choose from. A more sentimental take is this fun voting board idea. Get a poster board and stencil on shapes of your choice in pink and blue. Guests write their names over a color for their guess. If you like prizes, you can choose prizes for folks who correctly guessed whether your little one is a boy or girl. After the party is over, you can frame the poster as a sweet reminder of who was there on the big day.

Scavenger Hunt

Most gender reveal party activities aren't very active. We've all seen people cutting open pink and blue cakes, or opening up boxes full of colored balloons, and those are great if your party lasts all of ten minutes. If you want to shake things up for your gender reveal 2019, you might want to consider something more engaging. To get guests up and moving around, try a scavenger hunt. Give guests a series of clues that lead to the final answer in an envelope. The person to find the envelop first, gets to reveal the surprise. This is a great one for parents who already have the news, because it keeps guests busy while the mom to be can rest if she needs it.

Guess Who?

For this game, ask guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. At the party you can put have a whiteboard (or some other surface) and numbered magnets for folks to display the photo as they come in. Once your guests are all there, add an ultrasound image to the group and pass around slips of paper and pencils. Everyone can give their best guess as to who each baby is, and then guess what you are naming your own baby. Once all the guesses are in, read of the names until you come to your own baby's. The suspense of this one is sure to keep everyone excited.

Diaper Raffle

A lot of folks might ask if they can bring a gift for the parents, especially if they think they won't be able to make it to a baby shower later on. If you find that several people ask about gifts, let them know that they can bring a package of diapers in exchange for a raffle ticket. Guests who bring diapers can collect tickets, and drop them into a jar. Pull out a ticket, and hand an envelope or other goody to the winner and they can do the reveal. It is a great way to make sure that the new parents don't find themselves short on diapers in those first stressful few weeks.

Momma Trivia

A spin on an old classic, you can put together a trivia game for guests to play. Instead of the typical "pregnancy facts" though, have guests guess what Momma is craving, when her due date is, or even her answers to old wive's tales about predicting a baby's gender. 

Obstacle Course, Baby Style

This one is a bit like the Scavenger Hunt from before, since it is sure to get folks up and out of their seats. Split into however many teams you'd like, and have team members take turns completing parts of an obstacle course such as crawling around a "racetrack" of your own design, popping balloons by sitting on them, or completing baby or gender related song lyrics. 

Musical Surprise

Subtly drop clues with the playlist for your party, and see who paid the most attention. Ask guests to give their best guess after a few songs have played, and see who gets the hint.

Whether your little bundle is a boy or a girl, your guests are going to love these fun ideas for your party. Ultimately though, the best part of your party is being surrounded by people who will love and support your kiddo. Enjoy!

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